Monday, July 18, 2011

My State of Mind

I am feeling thankful today...just because. I think "thankfulness" is my favorite state of mind so I've decided to create a random list . I'll try to refer to it the next time I'm feeling un-thankful! I dare you to create your own list!

Things I'm Thankful For:

kids - I waited nearly 7 years for Mark & then another 7 for Luke & Nathan so even when they are driving me crazy(!!!) I'm still thankful for them
John - the best man I know. period. 
dogs - if you're not a dog-person you won't get this, but my dogs just make me happy!
Summer -  my favorite Season (flip flops, the pool, shorts & T's, lots of time to play)
a new book & 2 new CD's I got for my (Thanks LL!)
peanut butter -  my favorite staple (& yes, I know you don't like it Holly! :)
Jesus - the BEST thing/relationship that's ever happened to me
nail polish on my toes - I said this list would be random! 
AC - in the South, it's essential! 
adoption - :)
friends - how I appreciate you, how I need you! 

Mark's list:
Juneau (our Rottie) - just because I love her
my Mom & Dad  - "cause they take care of us
the chickens - 'cause they're nice

Nathan's list:
Juneau - because she guards us
Jake (our Boxer) - because he sleeps a lot & he's cute
Juneau's bone - because she can chew on it
chickens - because I like them
my toy horse - because I can sit on it

Luke's list:
My Mom & Dad - because they take care of me
my cat - because he's so cute!
the computer - because we can type stuff on it & do school on it
our car - because it takes us places
money - we have lots of money to buy food
my bedroom - because it's safe
the couch - we can sit down & rest
the lights - so we can see
Jesus - because He paid a debt for us

OK, I'd love to hear your lists!


Shaun and Holly said...

It's not that I do not like peanut butter. It is that it would kill the man that I love! So yah...I guess on second thought, I do not like peanut butter!
Anaphylactic allergies are not fun!

But, what am I thankful for?
Epipens, benedrill! HAhahahahaha! ;)

Michelle said...

Those are some pretty incredible lists! Thanks for sharing them.

Laura said...

Starting your gratitude list already, I see! : ) Glad you're enjoying the book and CD's. They have 5 total CD's out so far, and when I ordered mine, I couldn't decide and got all 5 (I'm a music fiend and there was a great sale!). Anyway, I love them all and play them for myself as well as the boys. I think we may even start using some at church. I'm thankful for you! And for the fun notes you keep sending my way. : )

Laura said...

A friend posted this on Facebook today: "What if we woke up tomorrow morning with only the things we thanked God for today?"


I have three minutes left of today--I better get to thanking!