Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Fun Stuff of Everyday Life

The guys took me out for Chinese for my (my fave!) & Nathan discovered chop sticks.

They make great ninja weapons!

Luke realizes he can do this crazy move! Wow! 

Juneau guards "her family" with diligence.

Mark wants to wear footed jammies even though it is July & hot! He looks so cute in them that I let him.

 Mark finally gets his cake (only three months late - it's a long story). It's supposed to be a mad scientists' flask, but it was so hot the frosting "fell" a bit. Tasted great though! 
His brother making fart noises with his arm pits in the background is an added bonus to this shot. :)

...trying to be more intentional about enjoying everyday life.


Shaun and Holly said...

What moves, Nathan! :) I am very impressed! :)

Shaun and Holly said...

ps. Josiah loves to be warm and snuggly...he usually has a blanket wrapped tightly around his shoulders, if he is in the house.