Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Illness & Puppies...

Prepare for TMI...skip the next paragraph if you aren't in the mood.

I have been sick. I have a bladder/kidney infection that actually made me vomit. A lot. Ugh. That's never happened before. I'm on day three of antibiotics & anti-nausea meds and am a bit better but still not great at all. I called the Drs office back to see what they think.

A much happier topic - puppies! Our little German Shepherd pup is 7 weeks old now and we will be able to drive out to Iowa to pick him up. We've decided to name him Romeo and are hoping he will make a fantastic therapy dog. His training will begin immediately with bonding with the family through play and gentle handling, house training, and socialization. I like my puppies to meet 100 people in their first year so he will go with us everywhere possible, especially after he's completed his puppy shots. It's a lot of work but it is really FUN for me and I know that laying that good foundation can make for a fabulous dog & therapy work partner.

So...can't wait to go meet my new little guy! (I just have to get better.)

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Michelle said...

Praying for you to feel better Patty!