Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Surprise

OK. I am excited! John gave me such a great surprise today! He got me a puppy! Not just any puppy either - a male German Shepherd from our favorite German Shepherd breeder EVER! Royalair GSD's (in Iowa) are amazing dogs & John reserved me a pup from a recent litter that I am really excited about. They have great potential as future therapy dogs, which is my very favorite thing to do with my dogs.

These are the parents, with the female being the first, lighter colored one. Both have super temperments & the Mom is OFA Good & the Dad is OFA Excellent. This is a BIG deal in German Sheps. Our first GSD, Emma, was from this same family of dogs & was a wonderful dog, so we are really expecting good things from this new little guy.

As far as buying from a breeder vs. rescue, we are big proponents of rescue & our other 2 dogs & cat are all rescues. However, this time we are adopting from a responsible, excellent breeder & I feel good about that too.

More on my new puppy love soon - he's only 5 weeks now so we don't get to pick him up for awhile yet...can't wait to kiss a nice fat, pink, puppy tummy!

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