Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in LOTS of pictures

 Our non-relaxing, but fun, Christmas walk, where the boys have a Nerf Gun fight & we realize Romeo has become a HUGE knuckle-head on the leash. Lots of training to follow...

 Nathan decorated a cardboard box & said it was a bed for baby Jesus. Sweetness!

A gift from Nana & Papa in Canada

  Mark's gift from Nana & Papa

Luke, opening his gift from Nana & Papa.

 Early in the morning - excited Nathan wearing his new head lamp & sleepy Mom

  You've just got to love that set of chops!

 Luke strikes a super pose.

 Nathan, with another gift from Nana & Papa.
Lego is the gift of choice for all of our boys.

My three fave boys in the world under the tree at the park.  I'm so thankful God blessed me with those three little monkeys  boys! :)

Merry Christmas all!
 We're off to light the candles on our "Happy Birthday Jesus Cake". :)

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