Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random Doggie Stuff...

 Jake & Mark

This is how Romeo likes to eat. He kind of holds his dish up on top of his paws. Serious business this eating - he is 50 lb at four months! No wonder he eats so much! He was at the vet last week for a shot & decided to be scared of people. This really alarmed me. His age is a typical period when puppies can go through a "fear stage" & it's really important to help them through it with lots of positive social experiences. I still am hoping he'll make it as a therapy dog! So, we headed straight out to a store parking lot & looked for friendly people for him to meet. It went well. We just need to keep at it. John also took him to the airport for awhile recently so he's been getting used to large, noisy machines, strange sliding doors etc. All good stuff for a puppy. 

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