Monday, February 13, 2012

Etsy Shop ("Getting Out the Umbrella While Praying for Rain")

I am in the process of opening an Etsy Shop as a fund raiser for our next adoption. Exciting!

No, we are not knee-deep in paper work just yet, but we are hoping, praying, longing! Even the boys like the idea of more kiddos. Nathan said he would sleep on the floor if a little brother or sister needed his bed! So sweet! (Not that we would put him on the floor!)

Anyhow, since we are prayerfully pursuing another adoption I thought I would get going with the financial side of things. I'm not worried about it, just being pro-active. Why not bring out your umbrella if you're praying for rain, eh? If we do not end up being able to adopt this time, I will donate the $ to another adoption. (But I am SOOOOOOO hoping we will be able to use it! We just are not "done" with this family yet.)

So, I'll update as soon as my shop is up & running. I'm getting close... :)


Helen said...

Hi Patty - thanks for asking - yes of course you may use my elephant for such a good reason - please just credit Bustle & Sew with the design.

Best wishes and Good Luck
Helen x

Patty said...

Thank you so much Helen! :) I will very happily credit you with the great design! :)