Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romeo (aka nice "Knuckle Head")

So, Romeo is 6 1/2 months now & is approx 25" (at shoulder) and 85lb.
Big! Sweet! Gorgeous! A crazy punk!

Wow, did I ever forget how ridiculous German Shepherd adolescents can be!

 To be fair, he is actually a really nice pup, friendly with all people, good with our cat, kids, generally quiet in the house. His huge issue that is making me crazy is that he likes to bark at other dogs. Big barks! Barks that scare people who have no idea the huge dog they see (& hear) is still a young pup.

The dog trainer I am working with, suggested we spray breath freshener into his mouth to correct him. It works a bit, but really, the only way to totally make him stop is to lay him down on the floor/ground until he stops trying to bark.(Don't worry, we love our punk, err....dog! We're not hurting him or being cruel. We just want him to have a good life where he is not viewed as a "dangerous" or "mean" dog just because he won't be quiet.) 

So, everywhere we go, we are "sitting" on big boy, which is quite a spectacle, I'm sure

Good thing we are parents so we are used to public humiliation! :)

Anyway, that's the Romeo update...we're still hoping he's going to turn out to be a fabulous, cool, and non-barking/scaring-people kind of dog. We still think he could make it as a happily working Therapy Dog...

....just working on it...

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