Monday, April 30, 2012

Sadness, Roses and Four Wonderful Guys

So, we got some very discouraging adoption news recently & it hit me so very hard. John & I prayed together, held each other, prayed some more, re-grouped...and then he came home from work that same day with these beautiful flowers. He was also feeling very down about the news but he thought of me. Yeah, my husband is a keeper!

Then the boys also used the flowers to love on cute!

Awesome boys - they made their sad Mama smile!
They are reminding me more & more of their Dad! Love it!

So ,we have experienced a set-back but I think that's all it is and we continue on towards doing another adoption. We are currently working on our housing situation. We love our home but we need more bedrooms again! (Last time we adopted we built on to our house.) So, we are trying to work out the logistics of that. I'm trying to be patient! Ugh!  

I just want to get it done & move on....towards our beautiful kiddos....whoever they may be.

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