Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Forever Family Day #3

Today is our third "Forever Family Day" - three years since the five of us became a family forever! We are partying today (tomorrow too!) and thanking God for all He has done for us! Believe me, adoption is HARD and there is NO WAY we could have done it without Him!
This picture was taken a few seconds after the four of us met for the very first time! I remember thinking how tiny Luke & Nathan were and how perfectly "right" they felt on my lap, my precious sons! Mark was so excited - I love his expression!
Two weeks later, I was able to introduce John to his two new little sons - such an amazing joy!
This picture was our very first family photo - taken on the day John and Luke & Nathan met each other.
These pictures are so very precious to me! They represent so many answered prayers in my life.
And so, I am (we are!) praying that God will enlarge our family AGAIN through adoption. We are preparing and looking forward to falling in love with more precious little lives!

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