Monday, November 26, 2012

"All Better Now" Update

I'm very thankful to report that John got back from Kenya, we all got better from a crummy virus/infection, and we had a good Thanksgiving all together, just the five of us.
Thank You Lord!
So, I've been reading on Facebook about friends who are already completely finished with their Christmas shopping, have their homes all decorated, and ....who are exercising regularly and losing weight.
That is just not me. :(
If that is not you either, maybe this update will encourage you:
What we have been doing:
*home schooling
*kissing slightly incontinent, but totally loveable elderly Boxers
 (as above pic shows!)
*taking care of stray kittens that poop about every 45 minutes
*trying to prep. a house to put on the market so we can build a bigger one & have room for more kiddos - hopefully LOTS more kiddos
 (and yes, this prep. process is taking forever, and no, I am not getting any younger, and yes, it is crazy, ridiculously hard and expensive, and yes, we have counted the cost and we think adopting more kiddos is completely worth it and extremely important, but man, we SURE DO appreciate all encouragement, support & prayer, and we need it too! A lot.)
*playing little boy "war" outside in the back yard with Nerf Guns
*having camp fires
*listening to Christmas music
*Christmas shopping = not even started
*Christmas cards = photos not even taken
*decorating = not even started
*continuing to be entirely imperfect people but relying on a completely perfect, trustworthy, loving Heavenly Father


Marsalie said...

I love this post. It made me smile. :)
PS. I received a lovely package in the mail from your parents with one lovely hand-made card, a beautiful giraffe and 2 very cute dinosaurs. Thank you!!

Patty said...

Thanks Marsalie! Love you! :)