Friday, November 16, 2012


I like to keep things positive in my blog, so here goes....
I am positively weary, weary, weary!
The boys and I have been sick for one week. Really sick.
John has been away working in Kenya for two weeks.
(He is home now - Thank You God!!!)
I took the boys to the Dr. today and they are all now on a Z-pac. Nathan is the worst with bronchitis and two infected ears. Ouch! I love Nathan's cute little ears and hate that they are hurting! (Although he says he is just fine! My boys are so stoic that way. Not sure why?)
 I feel crummy too. Trying to avoid another Drs. apt....hmmmm....might need to go too...I already go twice every week for shots so I'm kinda overdosed on all that!
We are also trying to get our house on the market so we can build a place with more bedrooms so we can then adopt more kids. I have also done two craft fairs in the last three weeks....I'm thinking I am just a bit over-tired. Yeah.
Thanks for listening to me rant just a bit. I appreciate the free therapy. :)
...because even though others might sometimes think we are some kind of "special" people because we adopt (& it's kinda nice that you do!), we are actually just really normal people most of the time that feel weak just like anyone else (maybe more?). We're just willing. I think that might be the only difference. Anyway, I wouldn't change it for!!! Ugh! Pass the Kleenex...and the Tylenol...and the Coke Zero...and maybe some butter pecan ice cream? :)


Mom's Group said...

NOOOOOOoooooooo Coke Zero! Artificial sweeteners are BAD!! :(

Patty said... last vice shot down! ;)

Patty said...
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sandrat said...

so sorry to hear you and your boys have been sick, I hope you are feeling better now.
Praying that the Lord will give you grace and strength through a challenging time,

Patty said...

Thanks Sandra! :)