Saturday, December 5, 2015

Casey & Major

I started fostering for a German Shepherd Rescue last Summer.

 My first foster was Casey. I LOVED her! She was a pleasure to have in our home every single day. She was sweet, obedient, great with our kids, quirky and just easy to love. She was also a senior girl with health issues and four months after she arrived, I had to say a final goodbye to her (kidney failure) with the help of my vet. She went to sleep with her face cradled in my hands, loved and cared for. Tears.

 I will always miss Casey. That's just how it is. ❤️
But ....there are many, many more that need help too! 

Major arrived almost two weeks ago. His story is painful. He stil wants to trust though and he is coming alive and becoming HAPPY here.  I love seeing his tail wag and his doggie-smile. He is deaf and I am teaching him sign language. He has already learned "sit" and "good job" and "come". 

❤️ Casey
❤️ Major

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