Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

Our family seems very adoption minded these days. One of our hens has adopted a tiny baby turkey! It's funny to see this gawky little one cuddled up to our fluffy hen. I've been trying to take a picture of them together but so far they are camera shy. The baby has been named "Pilgrim Peepers".

The other day I was at a restaurant with a play area & I noticed two adorable children that looked African. Sure enough, they'd been recently adopted from Uganda. They were sooooooooooo yummy cute! Makes me long to hold my own little African(s) in my arms asap!

I've been reading a lot lately about adopting children from Africa & adopting older children. There's so much to learn & I'm finding that other adoptive parents are one of my very best resources. Learning about all the things that can go wrong has been a bit scary, but I am reminding myself that surely we won't have ALL the possible problem-scenarios happen! There are just going to be LOTS of unknowns for us to depend on God for.

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