Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There isn't a lot to update on except that I am checking my email at least 5 times a day "just in case" there is any news from Beacon House!

We did get our appointment with the Immigration Dept. to get our fingerprinting done though. It's October 7 at 9am. I've had this done before (for my green card - NOT because I'm a criminal or anything!!) & the last time there was a problem & I had to go all the way back again & re-do it, so our prayer is that the appointment would go smoothly & that our petition will move along swiftly! Thanks!

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Scott and Erin said...

it's so fun how much excitement can come from a trip to a very unexciting place! Good luck with your fingerprints -- we are praying!!!

hey, do you mind if i link your blog off of mine?