Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting for mail

OK, our homestudy should arrive any day now & I am on pins & needles & keep checking to see - is it here yet?!! Once it's here (& I finish my "Happy Dance") we'll proof read it to make sure all the info. about us is accurate & then we'll send it back to our home study agency so they can create the official copy (which will be worth it's weight in gold - to us anyway.) We'll also send a copy off to Ghana so they can use it to start thinking about which child(ren) is a good match for our family & vice versa. I'm so excited it makes my head spin!

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Laura said...

It's awesome to see how far God has brought you! I feel (and I'm sure you do too) like you've been "pregnant" for about 5 years and are finally in the last trimester! Praying with you for God to guide you to just the right kid(s) for the "new and improved" Grotberg family! : ) Can't wait to meet them!