Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Post for Holly

This new post is for my sister, Holly, who told me to get at it & post something!! :)

Well, we've been busy with my parents visiting us from Canada, so that's why the blogging has slowed down. Mark has been so happy with all the extra attention from them & has been going around singing & just generally feeling more content than usual! So sweet! I love it! We'll miss them when they have to go home.

On the adoption front, I've gotten all the reference letters in that we needed (Yay!) but now there is a slight problem with a medical form where a Dr. forgot to answer one question. So, I have to attend to that pronto. Details! But, as soon as I can get that to our social worker, she can write up our completed home study!!!!!!!! The orphanage's agency actually called us last week asking us how close we were to wrapping up because they want to start the process of matching us with a child(ren)! You cannot imagine how exciting (& scary!) this is for us! We are so looking forward to finding out who the next love of our lives will be. We are in awe of God, Who has so faithfully guided us through this amazing process so far!

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RJ and Rebecca Caswell said...

Thanks for your comment on the Evening Prayer! It is fine with me if you post it on your blog! I need to take time to find the source. Congrats on being sooo close to being finished!