Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Answered Prayer for One Little Boy with HIV

I hope a lot of my faithful blog friends read my "Adoption Alert" (below), but for those of you who might not have, it was about a darling little boy in an orphanage in Ukraine who was HIV+ & needed to be adopted asap or he was going to be moved to an institution (which would have been beyond awful!) A lot of people have been praying and advocating for him & I was thrilled to find out today that a family has come forward to adopt him!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thank You God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've only begun learning about adopting HIV+ kids in the last six months or so, so forgive me if I am juvenile in my explanation here, but I was surprised to learn that it isn't the "scary thing" I thought it might be. HIV is not a death sentence like it was years ago & treatments are so good now that many kids become so healthy their virus count is undetectable. It is not "easy" to transmit HIV from one person to another. Maybe I am the only uninformed person out there who was behind the times in my understanding of HIV, but I suspect there might be others.

We are not presently planning to adopt an child with HIV but it is now a thought in the back of my mind at least, & something I want to learn more about.

Oh, I have to add that as I understand it, HIV is a death sentence for kids in foreign countries that have no chance to receive the necessary medications. When a family in America adopts a child with HIV they are literally saving their lives. Cool eh?

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Lisa Michele said...

Thank you Jesus! Praise God for that family and that precious little child! How wonderful! Thank you Patty for posting this information. There are many people that do not know how "safe" it is to adopt a child with HIV!
Blessings to you and your family!