Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Celeb. In The Family

Today we entered our rooster, Max, in the "Crowing Contest" at the fair. The roosters have thirty minutes to crow as many times as they can. The one who crows the most wins. Max successfully matched his memorable record from last year by crowing zero times! It was fun though & a reporter from the paper interviewed us all about it. Then we took some faux interview pictures with her & our bashful bird. (On a down-side, we had previously agreed to sell our now famous rooster! He likes to attack kids & we haven't been too impressed with that. We didn't mention that in his celebrity interview though.)


oliviakorum said...

you're selling the rooster! *gasp*
oh well...he did make a lot of noise when he was in your yard! :D

Shaun and Holly said...

yah! No more early morning crows!!