Sunday, October 12, 2008

True Confessions

I've been reading a lot of adoption blogs lately & thinking about what I've written in mine and I'm kinda wondering if we're unintentionally coming off as "too good to be true" just because we're trying to stay so positive? Plus, people keep saying things to us like, "Wow, you're adopting a child from Africa. You must be a reeeaaally special, "called" family!" I don't want anyone to think we are anything but what we really are, because I hope LOTS of people will consider adoption & not feel like they have to be somehow "special" to do so. Does that make sense? So, I've decided to start writing "true confessions" from time to time, to make sure we are VERY obviously normal (or even sub-normal - is that a word?)

Also, it will be very nice for me if you all seem to still like us even after you're read some confessions! :)

True confession #1.
In our house we don't have dust bunnies. They are dust bears! (We have 2 big hairy dogs.)

#2. Before people come over I frantically run around picking stuff up & call for all other family members to do the same.

#3. I do not make dinner every night, and sometimes when I do, it is cereal!

#4. I have health problems & have to rest a lot & take a lot of medicines I wish I didn't have too.

#5. I may be a homeschooler but I DO NOT successfully turn every day into a learning experience, nor do I make my own soap, keep milk goats, or even feel like learning anything new at all, many days.

#6. Our toilets have rings! Ugh! How do I get rid of that?!

#7. I let my son eat pop corn & birthday cake for dinner one night this week.

OK, I think that is enough for now, but I'll keep thinking of more! Anybody else just dying to share a true confession?


Jen said...

Still Love you Patty, and I was pretty sure you were down to earth and as "normal" as the rest of us!!!

Anonymous said...

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Shaun and Holly said...

The second comment is spam.

This post was FUNNY!


Lisa Michele said...

Thank you so much for being real! I needed that so much today. I found out we are having company this evening and I have been running around cleaning all morning! lol!I decided to stop and take a break for a few minutes to catch up on adoption blogs....and much to my surprise ~ a big dose of reality!!! I am sure God is smiling down on this very moment! Too funny!
Praying for your referral!

Teri said...

Oh Patty, you are so great!!! I laughed when reading your list!!

I loved #5 and #6 - so there with you sister!!!


Michelle said...

LOVE the true confessions. We've had cereal many a night for dinner. AND birthday cake (sadly a couple of times for breakfast!)...I figured it had eggs, milk and flour in it...that's three of the food groups, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

I noticed not too many people shared a true confession....I have one or two....I put my daughter to bed a few nights ago in a super comfie outfit that she had just worn to the wasn't dirty but after I did I wondered how many mom's in America would scorn me for it...I am so happy to know you probly wouldn't be one of them!!!! Your new little one is going to be happy to have you!!

Carolyn T said...

WOOOOHOOO!!!!Keepin' it REAL...I LOVE IT!!!
True Confessions:
1. Sometimes not only are unmatched socks an option for wearing at our house...sometimes it is unmatched shoes too...

2. I painted my bathroom to MATCH the rings in the toilet, embrace them and make a design statement.....

3. I too have out my kids in bed with their clothes on and have been known to fall asleep in mine...thank God messy hair is in...we generally look prepared the next morning!

4. I can't do ANYTHING outside of the strength I get from HIM...and Jesus loves us regardless of our dust bears....dirty fingernails and ears...and mismatched socks...etc...THANK GOD for His promises and that our identity comes from HIM...and not what great moms, homeschoolers...or housekeepers we are!!!

LOVE your transparency!!

oliviakorum said...

haha, Your family-normal? hardly!
It's ok. Normal is SO boring!
We prayed for you guys at youth group on saturday!

Love you PC!!

Kristin said...

OK, I can relate to it ALL!! But I do have a solution to the toilet bowl problem : A 10 year old daughter whose daily chore is scrubbing the toilet!!!! (Seriously, I haven't scrubbed a toilet in months and months!) I suggest everyone get one helpful oldest child!!! :)