Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It hurts to have to tell your adopted son that he cannot eat because he has stomach flu. He does not fully understand the good reasons why he should let his tummy rest. He just knows he feels scared - because he already has a terrible & far-reaching fear of not having enough food.

Luckily he is a child & can be distracted for awhile when his Mom reads him a few good stories. But it hurts.


Shaun and Holly said...

Oh! Poor dear heart! I pray that he feels better soon and I am thankful that he has such a great mommy that will read to him and take time to nurse him back to health.


We are Grateful!!! said...

Hope your all feeling better SOON.
Sorry to not keep up so well...still adjusting around here too ;)

Tamara B said...

yikes, that's no fun. I've had to do that with little ones and they don't have the fear of having enough food. Hope you guys kick the crud out soon!

The Redfields said...
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