Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mark Matthew, age 7

Mark's cutie-pie exterior covers his "lion-ish" heart. He has a strong personality with a well developed sense of justice, definitely a "black & white" kind of guy. He is intense in most everything he does, a little bit of a perfectionist. He is growing to love reading. His favorite subject is Science & he is probably most happy in the outdoors, especially hiking in the woods. He has amazing endurance & can go for miles even with a back pack.


Shaun and Holly said...

A police officer in the making??

What does he like to read the best? When Josiah was in grade one he loved the Magic Tree House books. I forget what he loved in the older grades...


Patty said...

Mark also loves the Magic Tree House books. They are a bit too hard still but he works his way through them with help. He is also reading a kids' history of the Titanic right now.