Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Fun

We got to visit with John's brother, Dwight, & his beautiful wife, Alison, & their awesome NINE kids this past weekend. We all met up in two hotels in W. Virginia while they were traveling down our way from their farm in North Dakota.

These are the little boys of the gang.
l-r: Nathan 4, Soren 7, Luke 6, Eli 4, Mark 7

Luke was all snuggled up in bed for his first stay in a hotel.

Little princess, Serena

Luke, baby Elsa, Isabella & Nathan

Nathan, baby Elsa, Isabella
Both Nathan & Luke love babies & all three of my boys have informed me that we "need" two little sisters. It would fine with me! :)

Hanging out at the hotel pool

Tired but happy...
Patty, Magdalena, Alison & Elsa

We rarely get to visit with family so it was a treat to get to hang out with everyone.
Each niece & nephew is so dear to my heart & so cool & unique in their own way.
It was also very awesome to be able to introduce Luke & Nathan.

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Lauren Johnston said...

Your family is beautiful! It looks like y'all had a great time together! I love keeping up with you through your blog - we talk about you and your family often - another orphan went home this week - so bittersweet -so many tears. Thanks for the blog shout-out! I'll have to start working on my own blog awards - what a fun idea!