Monday, March 22, 2010


Hunter & Fluffy hanging out on the back deck.
He is so good to guard the chickens but it looks like she is watching over him here!

If you don't think it's weird to pray for a dog, please pray for us & our dog, Hunter.
He was a licensed Therapy Dog (licensed to visit people in hospitals etc. with me) when he was younger & a loved family member but was also diagnosed with mental illness about a year + ago. Never heard of a dog with mental illness? It's unusual but it happens & is thought to maybe be caused by in-breeding. This could be the cause for Hunter since we rescued him from a kill shelter (so we have no idea of his origins) & he has poor German Shepherd Dog conformation. Anyhow, his condition has gradually declined & we are now trying our last
viable option (another medication). This is a hard time for all of us.


Anonymous said...

I had a cat once with a neurological disorder, sweetest cat ever....I will be praying for the poor guy!!!!

Holly said...

Oh! This is very sad! :( We will pray.

Teri said...

Oh Patty, I'm so sorry. I totally believe in prayer for pets, because I'm sure that is the only way Princess lived as long as she did!! We will pray for Hunter. Please keep us posted. On a side doggy note, Rosie is coming home from her boot camp today. We are so excited to have her home. If you think of us pray for us that we will be able to keep her in that sweet zone of calm and submissive!! I'm excited but a little nervous too!