Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just saying...

I haven't been writing on my blog much lately. It's so much easier to post cute pictures. To be honest, I am often too tired or too "emptied" to think of deep thoughts (or otherwise!) to share.

I am SOOOOOOOOOO thankful for this phase of our lives & John & I really feel like it is our honor to live it, but it is hard. We have, of course, all the normal challenges of parenting & homeschooling three little ones. ..the multiple milk spills, the squabbling, the HIGH activity level, the in-home business, the mess!!!!!, but then we also have some other issues to deal with that pierce my heart frequently.

I see my kids' pain & I somehow "upload" it into my own Mommy-heart. I carry it like an aching weight. Am I blessed to be able to do it? I honestly think I am! ...but I long to see my beautiful, beautiful kids experience more healing & restoration.

And you know what?
They are! It is so cool to see the little spring buds of healing slowly emerge & prepare to one day bloom. I love it! is really hard. In between the successes & the healing are many attempts to reach out, to pour in the love, to re-teach, to teach truth. Sometimes it seems like our efforts make a difference & sometimes it just doesn't . I'm not writing this to whine or complain but in an attempt to communicate what our life is like right now.
I wouldn't want to miss it for the world - our achingly painful, awesome, beautiful journey. Just saying...


Holly said...

Love is a weapon...a very powerful weapon! Praying for you to have increased strength to keep on lovin! :)


Patty said...

Awesome point Holly. I like that!