Friday, July 2, 2010

Home From the Hospital!

We're home from the hospital! Nathan went into surgery at about 7:45am today. The pre-op meds. that were supposed to make him sleepy, instead made him very happy (so funny to watch!) & he went off into the OR sitting up in the arms of the wonderfully kind anesthesiologist instead of sacked out on the bed like all the other kids. 

He woke up in the recovery room with me right there beside him and was able to take some pain meds. & a sip of juice but was otherwise very, very groggy. A sweet friend of mine happened to be working there that day & it was wonderful to have her nearby! 

He's home now, asleep on the couch, with concerned brothers/parents hovering & some good meds. to ease the discomfort. He's been walking a tiny bit but needs help getting up & is very wobbly. He's pretty well covered in bandages - ouch!

As I'm typing here, I'm listening to him breathing next to me, so thankful that he is home - not only from the hospital, but with us - his forever family, that loves him, well, forever. I am, as I so often find myself, very thankful...

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Sarah said...

so glad your sweet boy is home and recovering quickly! We've been praying for him!

When Malachi had ear surgery he also became super goofy and crazy... it was hilarious. He still thinks back and remembers the goofiness... he says "ohhh that was a good day. I got treats and new toys and everything was FUNNY!" BOYS! They sure are resilient, aren't they?