Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Anniversary & Some of the Mushy Details

Yesterday marked 15 years since John & I said our official "I do's" & I am thrilled to have reached this milestone & very, very thankful. Even though we were mature when we got married, I think it's probably impossible to know just what a huge decision marrying is, what huge consequences will follow, either good or bad or even somewhere in between.

I am so grateful that my John was, & still is, an amazingly kind, giving & servant-hearted man. He puts the boys and me first & works so hard to take good care of us. 

Do we have a perfect life? Puuulease! As far as I know that doesn't exist! But, we are blessed hugely (is that even a word?) & I am very thankful. 

"I love you John. 
I appreciate you so much.

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