Friday, July 2, 2010


The pictures show the improvement Nathan has made just today - "lights out" to sitting up with ice cream tonight! Kids are so tough! The toy dog is a get well gift from our church & Nathan named him "Jaguar Mountain Six Muffin Nine". Yeah, he's still on some good drugs.  :) 


Shaun and Holly said...

So glad that he is recovering and SMILING! :)

Nathan...I LOVE your hair!!! It is getting so nice and long. :)

Auntie Holly

Lauren said...

So glad he is doing well - and I know this is not as important - but he has grown up sooooo much since I knew him!!!!! And I love his hair too. Thanks for sharing :)

Patty said...

Thanks Lauren. It's so good to hear you can see such a difference in him. I think he has grown A LOT too - yay! :) I did his hair in little twists & I love it. He says he doesn't at all (Mr. Dramatic) but he is VERY still when I work on it so I think he secretly loves all my fussing over him. :)