Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Old Jake"

So...I've been looking for a dog for some time & I've always wanted to adopt a senior dog...& it wasn't quite what I was planning to do just now...but I couldn't bear the thought of this old Boxer dying in the animal shelter all by himself...& since he tested "OK" with dogs, cats, kids & even chickens...he is now our newest family member as of this morning!

The boys named him "Jake" & I think it fits. He is fawn color with a nicely squishy Boxer face that is white with advanced age, & a nubby tail. (I'll get pictures pronto.) We're still getting to know him but he seems like he was someone's pet at some point. He is apparently house trained & has been neutered. But he was picked up as a stray & was not claimed in the weeks he waited at the kill shelter. 

I'm taking him to see my wonderful vet tomorrow to have some blood work done to try to figure out his health situation. He's got a lot of tumors & small old cuts, & his hind end seems a bit weak. He hasn't been cared for in a long while. :(  

He still has a happy doggie-smile though & we'll just see what we need to do to make him comfortable for whatever time he has left. I think I'm really OK if it ends up being several more years or only months - I'm just feeling good that he's not being put to sleep at the shelter just because he's old & not in the best health. 




Michelle said...

Praying for a good report at the Vet and a peaceful, happy old age for Jake. Can't wait to meet him!

Patty said...

Thanks Michelle! He is a very sweet old man! :)