Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today my heart is aching & praying for the child who still has no parents. No safe place. No security. No hugs. No kisses. Not enough food. Not enough medical treatment. No kind words. No tender smiles. No Mommy to tuck him into bed each night, to make sure he is using lotion so his skin doesn't get ashy. No Daddy to tickle & wrestle with him, to comfort him if he has a scary dream. No parents to pray with him, to hold his hands, to teach him, to make him feel loved & safe, significant, precious & wanted. 

I'm praying.... please join me.

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Sharon said...

We are praying that we will be one of the families chosen to be the family for two of these little ones in Ghana. We are in contact with Beacon House, and I was thrilled to see your blog. If you could give us any information about the process to adopt from Beacon House, we would be so grateful. They have just sent us a sort of 'screening' email, but we are hopeful that God will bless us with children from Ghana. We have three girls and are looking to add two boys to our family. If you get a minute, please email me at
Sharon Nicholas