Friday, April 1, 2011

Luke & Jackie Chan

There is something so special about Luke. He'd tell me I was just biased because I'm his Mom, but still...

Anyway...he recently has become very impressed with the stunt work of Jackie Chan & asked me if he could write him a letter.

As dictated to me...

"Dear Mr. Jackie Chan,

I wish I could be in your movies because I like your movies and I'd like to help you make some more. I was hoping I could help because I like being in movies & I can do flips.

My name is Luke and I am seven years old. I am from Ghana but now I am adopted and I live in America. I am very nice and I help people. I like to read the Bible and I love Jesus. I have two brothers and a Mom & a Dad that love me.  I love acting and playing soccer. I love to play like I am you in your movies, so I am just wishing I could be in one of your movies. 

From Luke"

Is that not precious!? I don't know if Jackie will ever actually see Luke's letter but we will send it off anyway.