Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Boys

...forget & wear muddy rubber boots all over the house...imagine they are the Three Musketeers & "sword fight" in the back yard...drop towels on the floor after they dry their hands (if they wash them at all)...have very earthy humor...make forts out of freshly washed blankets, making them laundry-ready once again...talk way too loud...spill hair lotion on the floor (accident) & then slide all around in it (inspiration)...make their Mom crazy &... 

... are 100% precious & dearly loved anyway! 

I remind myself often that they won't be little for long. Gotta go now though - lots of messes to clean up! :) 


Laura said...

This has to be my absolutely favorite blog post ever! Love you!

shnicholas said...

Little girls do many of the same things--you should see the pics of my two youngest last week...covered in mud (me shaking my head), but very cute, and lots of fun! With all of our rain, they just couldnt resist.