Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Backyard Drama

We have a long history of bossy, cranky roosters. Our current one, a Cochin named "Chicken Nugget",  is actually not too bad but he occasionally likes to sneak up on the kids for a quick attack (does little harm but it is startling.) So, our sweet Rotti girl, Juneau, has decided to come to the rescue by "guarding" us from the feathered threat. I was able to capture a few pictures....

 Juneau is a sweet heart but she struggles with fear, especially of men. It's been so great to see something she is wonderful at. No fear there - just care & concern for "her kids"!


geralyn said...

Your Juneau reminds me of our now deceased Rotti, Pebbles. She was raised ina 'meth' house and when we got her at 9 months of age, she was the sweetest dog EVER! She died last year of lymphoma at 4 years of age and there are times when we are outside that I think I catch an image of her walking beside us. I miss that dog SOOOO much.

Oh, and our 18 month old littermate rotties passed their CGC's 2 weeks before their 1st birthday! I love to hear stories like your Juneau's and hope she continues to grown and trust.

Teri said...

Oh Patty that is so sweet!!!