Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We made messes crafts again...sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. The boys don't really love it & I just keep encouraging them along in it to help them to be well rounded, try new things etc. Is there such a thing as a book of crafts just for boys? The only craft I've tried that they ADORE is decorating Christmas cookies with candy, so we always do that at least once each December. Any other good ideas for Christmas crafts?


Shaun and Holly said...

Do they like gluing macaroni noodles, beans, etc on to cardboard, etc?
The only craft that our boy liked was to paint. He hated arts and crafts, otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I'd opt for science experiments instead....sometimes on the way to completing the experiment they have to "create" or decorate things and as this is the means to an awesome cool end they will usually get into it.

Also may be baking/cooking another creative means to and end......