Monday, July 23, 2012

A Ramona Update

Ramona is growing on me - what a  sweet & brave little girl she is!
In the short time I've had her, she can now:

walk on a leash nicely
meet one quiet & calm person at a time
drink from a water bowl
come in & out of her crate well
come when called
ride on my lap in the car
go hiking (she loves it!)
and is really getting the hang of the whole potty training thing!

For a dog that could not be touched a week & a half ago, this is HUGE & I'm very proud of her!

But...there is more good news!

I think we may have found her the perfect home!
Really, I LOVE her, and she can stay here, but she will always be in danger of being stepped on by one of my three BIG dogs, not to mention my three active sons...and would be just one of the pack (not that we don't
LOVE our pack!).

In this new possible home, she will be a ""princess" and I'll be thrilled for her if it all works out. (J & A, you know I'm talking about you, right!:)

Anyway, the visit with the possible new family will happen in a few days, so we'll see how it all goes....Ramona's future is looking great either way & I'm so happy for her.

Want a few more pics?
I thought so...


 Practicing her glamorous new look...
She is still a scared little girl, but she keeps on trying...

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