Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Bye to Ramona

I said good bye to Ramona on Sunday. It was so, so hard. Not because her new family wasn't amazing (because they are!) but because she & I had formed such a strong connection. I LOVE that little girl - she's SO special!

But I did it & it was hard but OK. I could definitely feel God helping me to have peace about it all. (If you think that's odd, trust me, God cares about us, even in details like a tiny Chihuahua!) Her new family posted lots of pics the very next morning so I could see how happy she was & how well she was doing. (I told you they were awesome!) That was so helpful for me!

Here she is in her new home with her buddy Biscuit.
Aren't they cute together?

If I can do it with my Ramona-girl, I know I can do it again! So, I look forward to the next time I get to foster another little sweetie, knowing it will be both wonderful & hard but worth it.

And I still have three great dogs of my own to enjoy, including our amazing, hilarious & entirely loveable Old Jake....

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