Friday, February 1, 2013

Doggie News...the Sad, Silly and Surprising

        So....never a dull moment around here, it seems...
The sad news: We found out that the litter our puppy was in were all born dead a few days before their expected due date. So sad and disappointing! We were put back onto another waiting list but the pups are not due until mid to late Summer.
The silly: I have recently committed to taking care of two senior dogs for six months while their owner is working overseas. I am thankful to get the work...every little bit adds to our adoption fund. But the silly part is that Ellie Mae, the Black and Tan Coonhound like to watch TV with the boys and makes a point to bark at the bad guys! The boys think it's so funny!
The Surprising: A friendly Lab type dog showed up in our yard this week. We thought maybe he belonged to a neighbor, so put a leash on him and called around. When we came up empty we called our vet and animal control. No one was missing a Lab. I took him to the vet to see if he has a micro-chip. Nope. While we were there I also got his Rabies shot and meds for his severe worm infestation.
We rescue dogs. we re-home dogs and sometimes we even take them to the pound when we find them, (So sad!) but we are starting to hope that we might get to keep this one. He is a wonderful fellow so far and just might be a cantidate for therapy work (my love!). So, we 'll see....I am continuing to evaluate him and check on Craig's List Lost & Found listings.
Meet Finnegan!


sandrat said...

Hey Patty,
sorry to hear about your pup, but your new additions, albeit temporary, are pretty cute:)I don't know how you do it, one boxer pup just about wears us out!
Your yellow lab looks like a sweetheart.speaking of which, would you be interested in making some felty type gifts for my 2 boys for valentines? age 8 and 10. I'm just not crafty. I know its short notice, so don't worry if you don't have time, just a thought:)

Patty said...

What are you interested in Sandra? I have a lion and a frog in my Etsy Shop that might work? Or I can certainly do something smaller?



sandrat said...

Hey Patty,
I don't mind really, I will look in your store. If they're big enough can you embroider their names on the back?
I will look now,
thanks Patty