Monday, February 11, 2013


 So, Finnegan just showed up in our yard nearly two weeks ago. 

After extensive searching for his original family, we are making him ours. Everyone likes him and the timing seems right. He is calm, friendly, laid back, patient, fairly obedient and happily obsessed with our cats. He loves them and is scared of them all at the same time and spends hours watching them, checking to see where they are etc. The cats seem to be mostly amused and so they are all busy watching each other. 

I took him out in public on Sat. to see what he could do and discovered that he is wonderfully and appropriately social and is NOT great on a leash. Oh my poor shoulders!

We must have looked pretty good though as someone mistook me for evaluating a dog for Guide Dogs For The Blind! Cool! Finnegan and I are proud of that one! 

So, we'll continue to work with him and see if he can make it as a 
Therapy Dog.

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