Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Love Day

This Valentines Day is making me feel nostalgic for some reason so I've been looking back to old pictures like the ones I've posted, remembering how God brought John and I together 18 years ago (How old are we? Yikes!), how He blessed us with our first born son, Mark, and then how He further blessed us with Luke and Nathan...lots of hard times (of course !), but today I'm remembering the joy and all the love.

I'm amazed how He took the two of us and grew such a deep, strong love between us, and then saw fit to trust us with these three precious little monkeys  children. It's not that every day is a "Wow" kind of a day (believe me!!!) but there is some kind of amazing miracle in the way He has blessed us right in the middle of our every day, not particularly amazing, pretty regular lives.

He is what makes it all amazing and beautiful and good, even in the midst of life, which is sometimes down-right rotten and painful. He just doesn't just love, He is love! What does that even mean? I don't have an answer really, but I can see evidence of Him and Who He is in our lives and I am deeply, deeply thankful. How 'bout you? His love doesn't have to look the same for everyone obviously...let's look for the beautiful evidence of it today, OK? And try to spead some more of it around too!!! 

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