Monday, April 6, 2009

I Am Me

God has done so many cool things in my life. One of my very favorite is that I like myself. Really. That is a "God thing", in my way of thinking... wholeness...and I am so thankful for it. I don't necessarily fit into a steriotypical box either & I like that too.

*I want to dress modestly but I love low rise jeans (definitely not the "only wears dresses" kind of gal)
* I love animals but I'm not a tree hugger. I understand that people are more precious.
* I hate abortion but I care for & have compassion for women who felt they had no other option.
*I have high moral standards & sometimes am very disappointed because I don't meet them. (ie: I'm NOT perfect.)
*I want to be careful what I entertain myself with but I struggle with it because I love watching TV/movies.
*I want to save the world but can only do what I can do.
*I want to adopt but it's taking a looooong time!
*I believe God heals people all the time but it hasn't happened for me yet.
*I am well educated but I chose to stay home & raise my family rather than have a career right now.
*I think good manners are VERY important but my favorite children's story is "Walter The Farting Dog". (Honestly, it sooooooo funny!)
*I am VERY compassionate but can also be selfish. UGH!
*I like to sing but usually only when I'm driving...alone!
*I am fine with moderate alcohol consumption but I chose not to drink.
*I home school but I don't think it's "the only good way" to educate children.
*I think sunscreen is important but I don't always use it.
*I love organization but I'm not always organized.
*I despise hypocrisy & pride in others & then I notice it in myself. Ouch!
*I am me.
*Not perfect.
*That's OK.
*I know God has created me for a good purpose & that I am deeply loved.
*Wholeness - such a gift.
*Because of God's work in my life...I am me...& I love myself.


Jen said...

I believe it is a very good thing when we can accept,(but not embrace)our imperfections.
Bless you Patty, I like who God made you to be.

Patty said...

Thanks Jen! I appreciate the love. This one was a bit of a risk to publish for me.

Shaun and Holly said...

It's refreshing that Christians are not all the same...I don't believe in the "cookie cutter Christian".
One thing that we should all have in common: we should all be trying to be more like Jesus. ~And that looks like many things...

troutbirder said...

Hmmm. Very nice. You just broke one of my unfortunate stereotypes.

Patty said...

Thanks Troutbirder. I'm so curious what stereotype I broke!?

Tamara B said...

love that. I think most of your thoughts fit me to a tee. I was suprised seeing that your blog was new to me this morning. You commented on my blog a few weeks back but I apparently didn't visit yours. I look forward to reading more.