Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mother Theresa's Words & My Scattered Musings (or maybe my "soap box"?)

I've been reading "Mother Theresa - No Greater Love" & it is full of so many beautiful & challenging thoughts that I've wanted to ponder upon. Here are a few gems:

"Love each other as God loves each of you, with an intense and particular love. Be kind to each other: It is better to commit faults with gentleness than to work miracles with unkindness."

"Our mission is to convey God's love - not a dead God but a living God, a God of love."

"I will take any child, any time, night or day. Just let me know and I will come
for him."

"Love has a hem to her garment
That reaches the very dust.
It sweeps the stains
From the streets and lanes,
And because it can, it must."

So beautiful, huh? I especially love her comment about how she will take any child, night or day, & I would so like those to be my words! I have told many friends that if they ever know of a situation where someone doesn't know what to do with their baby/expected baby and is considering abortion, to please consider calling us because we would want them. But really, could I do that? I have limited energy, finances etc. I'd be risking a broken heart with the possibility of someone changing their mind later. There are so many "what ifs" & risks. I think I can say honestly though, that, that is my heart & maybe I will get an opportunity some day to live it out. I just don't see how you can be "pro- life" & not be "pro-active" in providing alternatives. But, and this is a BIG BUT, I also don't think it is OK to adopt just because you want to "do the right thing" or "save a child". Those are nice thoughts, but really, I think you should WANT MORE CHILDREN! For what? To raise, to love, to invest in. Not a hidden agenda, just because of love. Well, that's my two cents on that topic. Any other opinions?