Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today, August 11, 2009, John & I have become the amazed & thrilled parents of two more
beautiful boys!

Luke Emmanuel is five years old & Nathan Godfred is four. They are so lovely & precious to us & we are touched so deeply that God is entrusting them to our hearts &

Tears of joy!
Wanting to jump on the next plane & rush to them...but needing to wait just a bit longer.
So in love with our boys!

Pictures to come soon...


Shaun and Holly said...

Whoot Whoot!! Very exciting and congratulations!

Erin said...

Yay Jesus! Soooooo excited for you guys!!!

Laurel said...

It's been a LONG year. So happy for you!

mama of 13

Michelle said...

Praise God! We are so happy for you guys and praying for the days to pass quickly until your whole family is together.

We are Grateful!!! said...

Yeah!!!! What a blessed day!
Can't wait to hear more.
Blessings, Tami