Monday, August 17, 2009

What Getting Ready Looks Like...

STRESSED! (Just "being real" here)
Three Shots (nearly fainting - so embarrassing!)
Visa applications
More ID photos
Lots of visits to the post office
Packing (because it's never to soon to pack when you're excited to go, you know!)
Figuring out the last few adoption documents
Applying for a grant
Wondering how things will go in Ghana & feeling nervous
Learning how to relinquish control & rest more/trust in God
Some nervous energy anyway
Reading "The Connected Child" over again
Gazing lovingly at photos of my two precious youngest sons
Praying for them often
LONGING to finally be with them
LONGING to finally touch them
LONGING to finally connect face to face...


Shaun and Holly said...

wow. lots of work, hey? How did Mark do with all those shots? Tirzah passed out last time she had blood work done. :S

Love ya'll!

Patty said...

Poor Tirzah! I didn't pass out but they had to put me in a wheel chair & take me to a bed. I so wanted to sink into the floor! They said it was probably because I had three shots & two were combos so it was just a lot of meds in me at one time. Mark was SCARED but it helped him that we all had to get some. He sat on John's lap & did great! He was so proud of himself after! :)

Sarah said...

oh my Patty, you can do it!! What an exciting adventure... Mark will remember this forever!!

So excited for you, can't wait to hear all about it!

ps. take LOTS of vitamin D!! (give some to Mark too!)

Patty said...


Why Vit. D? Just curious. :)

Shaun and Holly said...

vitamin d is the "sun vitamin. In canada we often don't get enough in the winter BUT it is a supplamant in our Milk (here anyway). I have read that you need to be very careful NOT to overdose this though as it can be very harmful. So, do your research (i know that you will)! I remember taking Vit. B when I spent time in MIssions as it was supossed to help repel the bugs. (Didn't find that it worked to well!!)

Jen said...

I have been away and am just getting caught up on the blogging world...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

OH! I Am so very excited for you all and the boys look so adorable and handsome....when can you go and get them?

WOW!! That very long gestation period for these 2 little joys is almost over.
God has truly been Faithful!