Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On My Mind

We are still waiting...but are trying to plan a bit more. We've pretty much decided that Mark & I will go to Ghana whenever it is time to go. John will stay home & continue to work so that he can save his vacation time for when we are finally all home together & need the time to adjust to being a family of five.

I am definitely intimidated to travel to Ghana alone with a seven year old, but I am also so excited to finally get to meet my boys. How I long to cup their dear little faces in my hands & to smile all my love & joy into their eyes. Face to face at last.

Dear, dear sons, how precious & loved you are. I'm coming for you just as soon as I can!


Shaun and Holly said...

Sounds like a great idea provided that you have safe and trusted transportation.


Michelle said...

What an exciting experience for you and Mark to share together. We're keeping all of you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Traveling with kids isn't as hard as you think, it takes your mind off a million other things and is a great time passer!!!!!! It will be the trip of his life!!! Exciting times!

Anonymous said...

Funny....Ella has a waiting list of suitors.....Kim McVety has her three boys in line. I can only hope and pray that she someday finds a boy from a family like yours...what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Ps...I took a two year old home from India. 27 hours of inflight time and three days later we arrived in the US unscathed where I turned him over to his waiting adoptive family.....It actually was really fun!!!!