Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Unrelated to Adoption But Fun...

This is what I see when I look out into my back yard each morning. The "crew" is always ready to eat!


Michelle said...

How sweet! Chickens are the funniest things, aren't they?

Holly said...

how many eggs do you get from them? i still can't believe that you are immune to your roosters crows!! that would wake me, ever time!!

Patty said...

I'm getting 2-3 eggs a day from 4 hens. The crows never bother me. It's like living near traffic - you just tune it out after awhile.

Michelle said...

Hey Patty--
This is totally unrelated to chickens, but you asked me to give you the information on where we got our Ukrainian egg decorating kit. Here it is:
"All Things Ukrainian"
Clemmons, NC
Hours: Mon-Wed 9-2
Thurs-Fri 9-3