Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Update

Mark & I are hoping to leave for Ghana on Sunday. We have two out of four bags already packed & are checking over our paperwork, copies, documents etc. But...we still have a paperwork "snag". We are working very hard to try to get it solved so we can go. We are very excited. We are very tired. We are very stressed. We are also thankful, blessed...and just, well...very human. This is a tough time. We're getting so close to our little sons & yet are still so far away. We'd really appreciate your prayers!


Anonymous said...

I have sent out a little email to my department asking everyone to pray....so the JESUS Film Project is praying for you all!

We are Grateful!!! said...

Beginning to understand the stress from all that needs to be done. We are right behind you. Arrive the 15th.
So excited for you and the boys.
Praises and prayers going up!

Patty said...

Thank you for the prayer support! I need it! :)

Shaun and Holly said...