Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Think I'm Going To Live! :)

OK, I am feeling quite a bit better. I can eat a little bit again! I just need to be patient with it now & continue to rest. Thank You God!

If I can, I am going to go visit my two little ones tomorrow & tell them that they will finally get to meet their Dad the next morning! I can't wait to reassure them of how much their Dad loves them & how happy he is to finally get to be with them. Joy! Joy!

As I type, John is in Georgia getting ready to get on a plane to go to Amsterdam & then on to Accra, so he has a long trip ahead of him. I can't wait to have him here with us tomorrow night!


Joy said...

We are praying for your health and John's safe travels. What a joy it will be for all of your family to be together in a short while! I am so glad you are feeling better! Praise God!

Holly said...

I hope you are feeling even better now and get to see your little ones today. *happy sigh* You get to see your husband tonight, heh? Yipie! :)
I know everything will be even more sweeter when you are all together.

Sarah said...

still praying safety and health over all of you!