Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This morning I got to introduce John to his two younger sons. So, so cool! They were pretty shy with him - meeting your new Mom is one thing but meeting your new Dad is a BIG, BIG deal to a little boy! I got to sit back a little & watch & it was AWESOME! As they became more familiar with John, each of the boys started to interact with him in their different ways. Luke Emmanuel was shy the whole time: careful - thoughtfully & slowly getting to know just what Dad is like. He examined John's hand for about 10 minutes, looking at his wedding ring, his nails, the hair on his arms - taking in all the details. Nathan Godfred bonded by jumping on John, tickle-fights, lots of silliness. Precious first moments & first impressions. My favorite moment was when we all sat down & prayed together, thanking God for our new family, that we were all together finally. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!

I am feeling a little better every day. My health is probably just going to be a continued prayer request the whole time we are here though.

We are still waiting on word from the Embassy. We are also waiting on some needed info so John can travel up north to Bolgatonga with Luke & Nathan - to meet relatives, Chief of the area etc. The last step will be the visas. Definitely areas for prayer!

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