Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More on Wednesday

I started to feel better before John & Mark left, so I went to BH too. :) It takes a lot to keep me from my little boys!

We had a really good morning all together. Luke, especially, was a lot more relaxed with John today. It was wonderful to see him being able to relax and smile sitting in his Dad's arms, just enjoying his strength & security. I also was able to massage shea butter onto both of the boys' knees & feet - something I have really wanted to do. It is a simple thing many Moms take for granted, but it is such a joy for me to be able to take care of my children by soothing their dry skin. They both seemed to like the attention too. :) I offered to do it for Mark as well but he said, "Yuck!" Pure shea butter does look pretty greasy but it is supposed to be fantastic for skin.

Today we all played with Lego together & John looked at an airplane magazine with all three boys. Luke said again, that he thought he would be afraid of flying, but John assured him that he would hold his hand if he was frightened & that answer seemed to take care of it for Luke. Both boys are quite tickled to have a Dad & I am thoroughly enjoying standing back a bit & watching the love grow.

Mark has really gotten the hang of this whole adoption "thing" & has informed me that he also wants to adopt one of the little daughters of an American family that lives here, as well as the Beacon House resident poodle! :) I love it! :)

I am resting now - my new "job" at the moment. Hopefully the Prednisone will fix me up quickly.

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Laura said...

Great stories! Thanks for the awesome updates. : )