Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We had another good visit with our boys this morning. I was able to meet with the BH "Mama" as well as a nurse who comes weekly. Every little piece of information I can gather is helpful.

I explained to Luke & Nathan about the Embassy appointment tomorrow. It sounds like it might be a very long day of waiting so we will be praying for favor & bringing fun activities to keep the boys busy. The room we wait in is air conditioned & has American TV so that will be GREAT at least!

We have one little snag still. We haven't recieved a letter of invitation to get inside the Embassy. We are working on that today. We will not be able to get past the guards without it.


Gary and Debbie said...

Praying with you for the Embassy invite! The boys are precious - how's it going???? Are you better?!?!?! I know you're looking forward to getting home, hope all goes well tomorrow!
Debbie Jones

Teri said...

Hey Patty,
I am so enjoying reading your journey. Just got caught up after couple day break. I will be praying you recieve that important invite, and that all goes smooth tomorrow. Cannot wait till you have your boys home. I will be praying for their transition!